Policies & Procedures


  • Event parking is located in the grassy meadow behind the historic white Victorian farmhouse and Carriage House Bridal Suite.
  • The Barn entrance is located at 468 Holston Drive beside Wagner creek.
  • The “one way” gravel driveway leads to the barn where guests can be dropped off before parking.
  • Guests will exit the parking lot by following the gravel driveway down to Holston Drive between the historic stables and farmhouse.
  • Catering Trucks are not allowed to block driveway and must park at kitchen entrance or another location agreed upon in advance by Cate Farms.
  • Gravel Driveway must remain clear at all times for emergencies.

Decorations & Setup:

  • Decorations may not be placed on café party lights, cables and center fan.
  • No nails, screws and staples may be used to hang decorations, without prior approval.
  • Candles are allowed in protective containers with height of the wick not to exceed the container’s height.
  • No Fireworks allowed, however sparklers may be used outside.

Rainy Day Plan:

  • The wedding ceremony can be held inside the barn or you may rent a tent. Options discussed prior to wedding date.


  • State of Tennessee Law: Alcohol, including beer and wine is allowed on the premises. All State of Tennessee laws pertaining to the serving of alcohol, including beer and wine, must be strictly followed. Serving alcohol to any person under the age of 21 is illegal.
  • Bartender: A licensed bartender is required to serve alcohol. Must provide a copy of the bartender’s licensing and liability insuranceAll alcohol must be behind a designated bar area. We strongly encourage your guests to have designated drivers.  Absolutely no alcohol served after 9:30 p.m.
  • Inappropriate Behavior: The serving, possession or consumption of alcohol, including beer and wine on the premises may be ordered discontinued at any time at the discretion of the Cate Farms representatives for inappropriate behavior due to excessive drinking.


  • Live and recorded music is permitted, however volume must be limited to 90 Db. (decibels)
  • We do not allow subwoofers… “loud speakers designed to enhance bass”… out of respect for neighbors.
  • A Cate Farms representative will strictly monitor noise levels and have the final say when it comes to maintaining acceptable volume levels.
  • Final song must be played at 9:45 p.m. to allow 15-minutes for wedding party send off.
  • All music is required to end at 10:00 p.m. at the conclusion of the event.


  • Smoking/Vaping is not permitted in The Barn.

Event Conclusion and Cleanup:

  • All events must conclude at/or before 10:00 p.m.
  • Renters have up until 11 p.m. to gather belongs and begin clean-up process.
  • Renter is responsible for disposing of all trash into designated garbage containers, removing decorations, personal belongings, and boxes used to transport items to Cate Farms.
  • Renters and/or Caterers must sweep kitchen floor.
  • Renters have the following day to complete their clean up and must be off premises no later than Noon, Sunday.

Responsibility and Security:

  • Renter agrees to be responsible for any damage done to The Barn, Carriage House Bridal Suite, and/or Cate Farms property by the renter, guests or other individuals attending your event. Cate Farms shall not be liable for any loss of property, damage or injury of any kind or character to any person or property caused by or arising from any act or omission of the renter, or any of his guests, invitees, employees or other agents from any accident or causality occasioned by the failure of the renter to maintain the premises in a safe condition or arising from any other cause.
  • The renter, as a material part of the consideration of this agreement, hereby waives on its behalf all claims and demands against Cate Farms for any such loss, damage, or injury of the renter, and hereby agrees to indemnify and hold the Cate Farms free and harmless from all liability for any such loss, damage or injury to other persons, and from all costs and expenses arising there from, including but not limited to attorney fees.
  • Renter must obtain Special Events Liability Insurance of $1 million dollars or greater through the renter’s personal insurance provider or wedsafe.com.  The Barn at Cate Farms and Keith & Paula Cate and Immediate Family must be named as an “additional insured” on the insurance certificate provided us.  This is to protect you and Cate Farms.  Proof of insurance is due with final payment.
  • We reserve the right to charge for damages that you may cause that are over and above normal wear and tear to the facility.
  • Children are not allowed in the creek or near animals and must be accompanied by adults in driveway, parking lot and in the barn loft.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Renter’s deposit is non-refundable if renter cancels within 60-days of their scheduled event. However, if circumstances arise that requires renter to cancel prior to 60-days of their event, Cate Farms will refund 50% of renter’s deposit.  If Cate Farms is able to re-book a comparable event on the same scheduled date then all of the renter’s deposit will be refunded.


  • Renter needs to make an appointment to sign the rental contract or send signed contact via email to catebarn@gmail.com.
  • Rental guidelines must be reviewed and signed where indicated and rental deposit paid. This will confirm and reserve your date and time.
  • The total rental fee must be paid three weeks prior to event.